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Superfuse Early Access Review – A Stylish ARPG

Superfuse is a hack-and-slash ARPG that reminds me of a cyberpunk version of Diablo II. One of the things that I really enjoy about this game is the color scheme along with the comic book-style animation. The combat system for this game is fairly easy to get the hang of, although there really isn’t a tutorial for the game at this time.

Most of the time, it’ll feel like you’re overpowered but there will be points when you have to step back and rethink your methods. You won’t always be able to do the “Mow everything down in that general direction” move. You also have the option to play this game offline or with a group of up to four people. Currently, this game is in early access, and you have access to three of the four classes that will be available on launch.

The three classes are the Elementalist, Berserker, and Technomancer. The Berserker would be the closest thing this game has to a tank as it has a lot of health but has more close-range ability making combat a little bit slower. The Elementalist would be your long-range DPS characters with abilities like fire magic and ice magic.

The Technomancer was the class that I chose. They use hand-to-hand combat as well as minions to help clear the battlefield. Personally, I feel that if you are going to play alone then the Technomancer is your best bet to help handle the mobs in the game.

In this game, you will find yourself as one of the enforcers working to carry out the will of the so-called “Gods”. You will be tasked with ridding the world of “corruption” by whatever means necessary. The open world and the dungeons were really nice to run through along with a pretty straightforward path.

There are audio logs and text files scattered throughout the map to give you information as to what is going on with the story. The “Fuse System” allows players to customize their character in a way that best suits them and they have a fairly detailed skill tree for the character. There are also hidden items across that map that encourage exploration of the very colorful world.

Overall, I found this game to be a bit lackluster. Like I stated above, I really enjoyed the graphics and the styling of the game. The game’s leveling tree as of this moment is hindered by the game being in early access because there’s a lot of abilities that are still labeled as in development. The UI also doesn’t scale which makes this harder to play on smaller screens. You will have to rely on memorizing what your buttons do vs being able to read them.

I switched between my 22-inch monitor and my laptop screen and found out that the screen menus were almost unreadable. This game also feels like a bad carbon copy attempt at Diablo II.  I also found it odd that this game doesn’t have controller support, even with the option to set it up in the steam menu.

Superfuse is a game that I will keep an eye on as the patch notes come out and as they work toward a full-scale release. Something I’m excited to see is that final class that they unlock. There is most definitely a lot of potential with this game but we will ultimately have to wait and see how the final product turns out.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

This review was written based on an early access PC review code for Superfuse.

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