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Exclusive Clip – Beacon 23 Season 2 Episode 2 Sees Harmony Questioned for Her Actions

MGM’s space-drama series Beacon 23, based on Hugh Howey’s books, is back after an explosive first season revealed the fate of Aster after her head slammed into the railing leading to severe blood loss and sudden death. Heartbroken by the death, Halan Kai Nelson, attempted to kill Keir for his actions, but ultimately, Aleph stepped in stopping Halan.

With Aster is declared dead, Halan at first rejects Aleph’s request he fulfill Aster’s deal by entering the Artifact, but he pretends to change his mind when Aleph threatens Halan’s father. Halan works with Saldana, Keir and Finch to launch a sneak suicide attack on Aleph’s mothership, with the bombs hidden with Aster’s body. Halan launches the Amboyna, but instead of attacking the mothership, he sends Aster’s body into the Artifact, causing the Artifact to explode, leaving Halan alone on the damaged Beacon 23.

As seen in the exclusive clip above, in episode 3 will find Harmony being questioned about Aster’s death before being reassigned; calling the Aster’s death and overall incident a ‘massive failure.’ Wanting to understand the events, despite Harmony already filing a report, they pepper her with questions, making it seem like the incident was Harmony’s fault, despite her declaring she did what was best for Aster.

In season 2 episode 2, Aster Calyx and Halan Kai Nelson are inextricably drawn to Beacon 23. Navigating one threat after another, they unravel the beacon’s mysteries, just in time to face their most powerful enemy.

During our interview with Executive Producer Glen Mazzara talked about the decision of starting season 2 immediately. “We want the audience to feel like they are trapped on the lighthouse and on the beacon with our characters. They are going through the same experience. There’s an immediacy to the storytelling. When you make these episodes, you don’t know when a streamer is going to release them but we [just wanted to] throw the audience right into it you know, and just boom you know hit the ground running. They’ll just have to catch up and figure it out and I trust the audience to go along for that ride. It felt like that was the right the decision.”

What fate awaits Harmony and the remaining crew? Check out Beacon 23‘s season 2 episode 2 on April 14th to find out.

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