#AskTK Episode 3: The Dana Abercrombie episode

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Dana Abercrombie sits in the hot seat and answers questions from The Koalition community. During the show, she discusses her journey in media, meeting Tony Polanco, and her passion for movies, TV shows and wrestling.

Questions asked:
– How did you get into writing about video games and pop culture? (Tony Polanco)
– What is your favorite TV show of all time and why? (Tony Polanco)
– What is it about WWE No Mercy that you love so much? (Gary Swaby)
– What has been your biggest and proudest accomplishment during your time working in media? (Gary Swaby)
– What was the first movie you fell in love with and what drew you to it? (Ikagu Raven)
– How did you first join The Koalition? (Ikagu Raven)
– What movie do DC have coming out this year? Haven’t heard anything since justice league (Maquis Collins)
– What’s your favorite movie of all time? (Carlos Romero)
– If you were to associate a WWE character to people on The Koalition, who would be who? (Carlos Romero)
– What’s a personal milestone that you would like to achieve in your career? (Richard Bailey Jr.)
– Who are your top 5 favorite wrestlers of all time? (Richard Bailey Jr.)

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Special Thanks: M. Collins, Sean Gority, Steven Fearon, Mauricio Aguilar, himdeel, Fergus Mills, Miguel, Antonio Rogers

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