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The Co-op Podcast 60: Is GTA Online A Letdown?

We’re back with episode 60 of The Co-op podcast. This week our main discussion was based on the controversial GTA Online mode which launched over a week ago. We spoke on our difficulties with connecting to the game and losing characters. We all agreed collectively that it’s a fun game, but is it short lived? And when it’s all said and done, given the hype, will GTA Online be known as a let down? We’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts below.

Valve announced their controller after we released episode 59 of The Co-op podcast, so we decided to briefly share our thoughts on it. Injustice is coming to the PS4, so we decided to express our opinions on it. Will it come to the Xbox One also? If it does turn out to be a PS4 (next-gen) exclusive, will be a decent counter towards Microsoft’s Killer Instinct? We think not, but let us know what you think.

Finally, we decided to go over JT Ripton’s article: The Top 10 Most Anticipated New Next-Gen IPs. We read out his own top 10 list and added our own personal thoughts and commentary. Can you think of other new next-gen IPs that should have made the list? Let us know. Much respect goes out to JT Ripton for the article.

This week’s featured music artist was Panama, who has appeared in the legendary HBO show The Wire. The song featured was called Rich Sunday, and was featured on his mixtape The Panama Canal. To have your music featured send me an email.

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