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Welcome to the SPOILER FREE discussion of Final Fantasy XV on the Turn Based podcast. This will be part 1 of 2 of our Final Fantasy XV analysis. This show was intended to be exclusive to our Patreon subscribers, but we are now publishing it for free as a thank you to our audience. During this show we discussion the good and the bad with Final Fantasy XV. Keep in mind that this show was recorded just over a week after the games release, so some of the information may be slightly outdated by now.

Eventually we will do a spoiler filled discussion about the game for those who have completed it. For now, let us know your thoughts on Final Fantasy XV in the comments.

– Gary meant to say Cloud instead of Tidus when he described the opening of Final Fantasy VII
– You can get back to the open world after Chapter 13 by using Umbra at rest points (unless Umbra is blocked due to story purposes)

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