Knights of the Turntable #5: Are Tupac and Biggie Overrated?

Or are they the best to ever do it?

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We return from our short hiatus to discuss some of the latest news in Hip Hop and some of the most thought provoking topics. One of these thought provoking topics this week was whether we should class Tupac and Notorious B.I.G as overrated. Their deaths clearly boosted their popularity world wide, but does their music match up to their names? Let us know your thoughts.

Also, our host (Charles Singletary Jr.) asks the question, who is the greatest rapper alive? It’s a tough question to answer, and we each had a different answer. It’s a question where anyone you ask would have a different answer, and even if two people chose the same rapper it would likely be for different reasons. So listen and find out who we each chose, and be sure to let us know your greatest rapper alive in the comments below.

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This week’s panel: Charles Singletary Jr. (Host), Gary Swaby, Joe Hova, Matthew McDanel


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