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Knights of the Turntable #4: The Best Hip Hop Record Labels

This week on Knights of the Turntable we discuss some of the best Hip Hop record labels, past and present. Many labels were thrown into the mix, from Rhymesayers, to Roc-a-fella. Be sure to listen to the discussion and let us know which record labels you value the most in Hip Hop.

Should fans of an artist grow with their music? Ab Soul addressed critics of his new album These days… saying that fans were stuck on his previous album Control system 2. He challenged his audience to grow with him, and accept the new direction. But should fans be accepting of an artists new work, or do they have the right to be objective if the project doesn’t meet their standards?

MMG member Gunplay was the latest rapper to jump on the trending Bobby Shmurda beat. He also decided to throw shots at 50 Cent, rapping “I’m all about a hundred, what the fuck is 50 Cent.” We discuss the rappers attack at 50 Cent, and whether it’s a warranted attack. Will 50 Cent even bother to respond? Time will tell.

All this and more, on episode 4 of Knights of the Turntable.

This week’s panel: Charles Singletary (Host), Gary Swaby, Joe Hova, Matthew McDanel


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