Knights of the Turntable #56: The Episode About Nothing


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It has been a light few weeks for Hip Hop on the Koalition (Joe Hova has been putting in major work though) due to many random things, but we didn’t want to not have a show this week. Anticipate a big bounce back the next few weeks as things are ironed out. Tune in today and share in the random conversation as well.

Additional Topics:

  • Kanye’s Album Antics
  • Drake gives Meek the 3rd Round
  • Longest running project in our rotation
  • What we’re currently listening to
What are your opinions and thoughts on this week’s discussed topics?Is there anything you want us to touch on in the next episode? Hit the comment section down below! Also, be sure to hit the Koalition Patreon to support the incredible content we put together! Much love!
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