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Last week was an important episode of Power. It had a major plot twist that moved the story forward, and now we’re seeing the effects of this plot twist in Season 3 episode 7 “Don’t Go”. This was a fantastic episode and there’s much to be discussed. Be sure to listen to our thoughts either in the video above or using the audio player below.

Power Season 3 Episode 7 “Don’t Go” Recap

The show begins with Jamie dreaming that Angela is sleeping next to him. Jamie is telling her that he’ll fix things but then Jamie wakes and sees a message on his phone summoning him to the club.

We then see Angela speaking with her sister Paz, complaining about Jamie over the break-up. Her colleague from the office shows up to whisk her away to the office because there is an investigation going on. Everyone on the task force is put on the suspect list for the capture of Lobos. The crew carrying out the investigation was able to trace Lobos’ phone calls back to the cell tower at the task force, so they know for a fact that someone was in contact with him. As a result, the entire task force must be interviewed individually.

Meanwhile, Club Truth is under close watch from Milan’s crew as Jamie has a brief meeting with Karen Basset about investing in her hotels. Later we also see Tommy show up at the club and Jamie invites him to talk outside. Andre notices that Jamie is now on speaking terms with Tommy again, and Kanan also watches on as Tommy and Jamie are urged to enter a truck with Milan’s crew.

Ghost in Power season 3

We then see Tasha speaking to Tariq, who curses at her. She attempts to smack him but he blocks her and she sends him to his room.

During the sequence of interviews it is revealed to the task force that Lobos was murdered. Shortly after Sandoval tries to take the pressure off himself by telling the investigators to look into Angela’s relationship with Jamie St. Patrick. Angela is able to shut down these accusations by throwing Jamie under the bus by saying she used him to track Tommy and find out where Lobos would be.

Milan brings Jamie and Tommy to their own warehouse and instructs them on how they will move the product. He orders Tommy to murder Father Callahan for running guns for the Albanians, and for Jamie to sell the drugs in his club. He also puts an ultimatum on Jamie by asking for him to pay for the shipment by the end of the day.

This gives Jamie a huge dilemma as he now has to find money for both Karen’s investment and the drug shipment. Jamie asks Tasha if she could give him access to the kids trust fund and promises to pay it back, but Tasha refuses. Kanan then puts pressure on Andre to find out what’s going on with Jamie and why he’s made up with Tommy.

Jamie meets with Karen and her father to let them know that a situation has come up and he can’t make the investment right now, Mr. Basset is disappointed but Karen urges Jamie to find a way to get the money. Shortly after, Tommy visits Tasha and as he’s leaving she asks why he did Holly like that. Tommy is confused and thinks she knows about Holly’s death, but Tasha proceeds to mention the unborn child and asks if Tasha ran away. Tommy excuses himself and walks away while overwhelmed with emotion.

Andre visits Jamie in his office and demands that he puts him on to what’s happening on the street level. Jamie eyes a camera and invites Andre to walk with him. He fills in Dre on what’s been happening and asks for his help, even going as far as to offer him half of the drug business if he helps out. Andre agrees and Jamie asks him a task to find Tatiana.

Tommy is later seen speaking to Father Callahan about his sins, the then points his gun at him and pressures him to stop running guns for the Albanians. He leaves without killing him.

Angela arrives home from work and calls the Basset hotel. Immediately after she’s seen showing up at Tasha’s place to question her. She asks if Jamie was at the hotel with her, Tasha covers for Ghost by saying they got back together.

Kanan appears to help out an old lady in the neighborhood with her shopping and gets a call from Andre. Andre is speaking to Kanan from Jamie’s office and fills him in on everything Jamie told him. Kanan enters the old ladies home and murders her by forcing a cushion over her face. He mentions that he has a plan but he needs Andre to carry on.

Jamie speaks to Tariq

Jamie is talking calmly to his son Tariq when Tariq suddenly refers to Angela as his “side bitch”. Jamie is infuriated and grabs Tariq, cursing at him. Jamie comes to his senses and releases Tariq, who walks off. Tasha then calls to Jamie asking why he never told her that they were having company. When Jamie enters the living room he finds Milan sitting in his living room with the same woman he asked Andre to find information about (Tatiana). Milan is there to further intimidate Jamie and show how easily he can get to his family.

At the same time, Tommy is captured while drinking at Holly’s grave. He’s thrown into a truck and brought to a warehouse. Tommy is beaten up and one of Milan’s men requests his murder.

After having dinner, Milan speaks to Jamie alone and warns him not to try anything. Jamie pays up the money he owes Milan for the shipment and Milan urges Jamie to try and make the Karen Basset deal go ahead so that they can sell drugs in her hotels also. After Milan leaves Tasha asks Jamie what’s going on. He leads her to the roof top and fills her in about Milan. When Tasha questions what they can do, Jamie responds “I think Milan made a mistake, I’m going to use it against him.”

Milan shows up at the warehouse where Tommy is being beaten. He tells his men not to kill him and lets Tommy know that he’s in a position where he has nothing to lose, and that is the best time to be alive. Milan leaves with his crew and Tommy is left on the ground beaten and bloody.

Later, Angela shows up at Jamie’s apartment to ask who gave up the information on where Lobos would be. Jamie is hesitant to say anything and even checks Angela for a wire. Jamie is careful with his words when he tells Angela that the person who had Lobos killed probably doesn’t know where the information of his whereabouts came from. Angela demands that Jamie finds out and leaves. The show ends with Jamie staring blankly, clearly under pressure from all sides.

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