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As we draw closer to the season finale, Power continues to deliver on its suspenseful turn on events in season 3 episode 8 “Trust Me”. This week another co-founder of The Koalition joins us to discuss this episode, so take a listen either via the video above or the audio player below.

Power Season 3 Episode 8 “Trust Me” Recap

Early on in the episode we see Sandoval meeting with Hugo about Lobos’ death. Sandoval makes it clear that he wishes to cut all communication with Hugo to protect himself but Hugo threatens to harm Sandoval’s family unless he arranges an aircraft for his escape out the country.

Shortly after we see Jamie asking Tommy for help in finding out who leaked details of Lobos’ escort to the task force. Tommy catches on that he wants to do this to help Angela and insists that they don’t help her, but Jamie makes clear that if Angela gets caught then they will too.

Ruiz is then seen telling the task force that he no longer wants to testify against Ghost, and he storms out of their conference room.

Ruiz from Power

Later we see Andre speaking with Jamie in his office at club Truth. Jamie reveals that Milan found out about his plan to seek out Tatiana but that he doesn’t know that it was Dre that did the digging. Andre then lets Jamie know that Karen has decided to do business with their competitors down the street. When Jamie goes downstairs he watches one of Milan’s henchmen take a cigarette from a pack labelled “Drina”. Jamie steals the pack of Drina cigarettes.

We then see Tommy speaking with Hugo in person, and then Jamie sneaks up from behind and puts a gun to Hugo. The two men lead Hugo to a room so they can interrogate him. Unfortunately, Hugo gets inside Tommy’s head by mentioning Holly and he shoots Hugo dead before they can find out who his contact is. Jamie is livid but he manages to get Hugo’s phone.

Later on we see the lead investigator on Lobos’ murder visit Jamie in his office for questioning, she asks him about Angela and Lobos. Jamie denies knowing Lobos. We eventually see her speaking with Angela later in the episode and she urges Angela to protect herself and wear a wire to try and catch Jamie.

Shortly after, Angela visits Tasha in her apartment lobby to ask her where Tommy was the night she was at the hotel with Jamie. Tasha is sarcastic, but Angela warns that Tommy better have an alibi. Tasha tells her that Tommy was with his mother, knowing that his mother would cover for him no matter what. Once Angela leaves, Tasha sends Tommy a message to warn him.

Meanwhile, Tommy is being shown new types of drugs that Milan is interested in moving. After seeing the product, Tommy offers up advice on how they could move it using couriers. Milan is impressed.

Tommy Milan

Angela is seen asking Tommy’s mother a bunch of questions about what they did during the day of Lobos’ disappearance. When she catches her in a lie, Tommy suddenly walks in to fill in the blanks. There is tension between the two but Angela holds an off screen interview with Tommy before he intimidates her and forces her to leave.

Jamie instructs Andre to pick up Tariq from school. Andre takes Tariq to play some ball after school when Kanan shows up unexpectedly. He introduces himself to Tariq and they shoot hoops for a while.

Back at Club truth, Milan summons Jamie to a drug dealer meeting downstairs. Jamie is disturbed to find all these drug lords assembled in his club. At the meeting we see the Korean boss, Father Callahan and even Ruiz turns up to reclaim his role of head of the Latin drug cartel. Tommy takes charge at the meeting to let everybody know that they will now selling high end pills alongside the cocaine. He even goes as far as to force them all to pay for their first shipment right then and there. The Korean protests and accuses Tommy of murdering his son but one of the Serbs slits his throat, this eliminates any further protest.

Jamie meets with Tommy outside after the meeting and confronts him on this new turn of events. Tommy reminds Jamie that they’re supposed to be playing along with Milan until they can figure a way out. Jamie mutually agrees to follow through with Milan’s plans for now.

Later, we see Milan show up at Lakeisha’s salon while Tasha is there. He lets on that he knows she’s cleaning money for Tommy and he warns her to make sure that her husband isn’t planning anything. Keisha who overhears it all makes herself known. When Milan leaves, Keisha confronts Tasha for keeping all of this from her. Later on we see Tasha offer Keisha a bag of money to buy her out and keep her safe from Milan.

Angela visits Greg in his lobby to try and earn his trust again, but little does she know, Jamie is watching and sees her. The next morning Tasha finds Ghost hung over on her couch. She asks him what’s going on and Jamie reassures her that he has a plan. After he leaves she sends Tommy a voicemail stating that Jamie is up to something and she doesn’t know what.

At the same time Tommy is speaking with Milan. Milan gets into Tommy’s head and lets him know that he owes no loyalty to Ghost and that Jamie is probably plotting against them. We then see Jamie speaking with Ruiz. He lets on that he knows Ruiz was talking to the task force and he asks Ruiz to go back to the task force and give up Milan instead of Lobos and Ghost.

Kanan then shows up at Tariq’s school after school finishes, he urges him to get in his car and passes him a cup full of lean. Meanwhile, Tommy and Ghost meet up again. Jamie tells Tommy that he can rest assure that Ruiz won’t be snitching on them and then Tommy asks that Jamie tell him if he’s planning anything against Milan because he doesn’t want to be left in the dark. Jamie plays dumb and insists that he’s got nothing on Milan and that his only plan is to play along for now.

A while later Jamie meets with Angela inside her car, he hands her Hugo’s phone as there may be evidence on where the leak came from on there. She questions him on where he got it but Jamie doesn’t divulge any information. Jamie asks about Greg and she shuts him down, telling him that he’s in no position to ask what she’s doing. She probes about Jamie’s night at the hotel with Tasha and Jamie tells her that he slept on the couch. She makes Jamie leave and then pulls a recording device from her chest and shoves it in her glove compartment.

Kanan and Andre

Kanan brings Tariq to his “acquired” apartment and clues him in on who his father really is. As he tells a story about how Jamie lured one of Kanan’s friends into this apartment and sat him down to kill him, Kanan is re-enacting the scene with Tariq sitting on the couch. He lurks behind him with a gun while Tariq is too occupied with his phone to notice Kanan standing there with a gun inches from his head. Kanan is about to pull the trigger when Tariq starts to complain about his father. Kanan gets rid of the gun and instead tries to see whether he can play Tariq against his father.

Jamie finds a bar that sells the Drina cigarettes and witnesses an exchange take place on the premises. Later on we see him drive up to Milan’s hideout and he begins to scope the place out when he seems Tommy pull up and walk towards the entrance. Jamie attempts to call Tommy via phone but Tommy rejects the call. Jamie looks on as Tommy enters the building.

Angela turns up at Greg’s apartment, eager to win his trust back. She shows him surveillance footage of Jamie at the hotel on the night of Lobos’ murder. Greg asks if anyone can confirm his story and Angela shows footage of Jamie walking with his wife Tasha. At this point she makes it known that she’s no longer with Jamie and she appears vulnerable. The two kiss but Angela walks away with crocodile tears. We then see them getting it on in bed together. After the act Angela escapes to his restroom and examines Hugo’s phone. Meanwhile, Greg sends a text to Medina saying “I think Angela is working with St. Patrick”. The show ends with Greg looking smug.

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