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Tonight we saw a pretty emotional episode of Power. After tonight’s episode Jamie St. Patrick has a huge black cloud over his head and it will be interesting to see whether Jamie pays the ultimate price for an act he didn’t commit. As usual, we have a full recap and discussion that you can check out in either video or audio form. If you just want to get a quick recap on what happened this episode then you can take a look at the list below.

Beware of spoilers if you’ve still yet to watch this episode!

What happened on Power S04 E02?

  • Proctor speaks with Jamie at the same time Angela is speaking with John. Both conversations lead to the conclusion that both Jamie and Angela shouldn’t be on the stand to talk about their relationship. John wants the case to focus on the murder and also bringing down Tommy Egan. Proctor tells Jamie that they must wait to figure out the prosecutions next move.
  • Someone in prison gives Jamie a hard time and he reacts by snapping his wrist. Another inmate intervenes and tells the offending inmate to back off. Jamie and the mystery inmate stare at each other.
  • Proctor hits the press to create a narrative that the case is all about race. The prosecution team wants a gag other put on Proctor but it is denied by the judge.
  • While dropping the children to school, Tasha asks Tariq if he’s ever heard of someone called Kanan. A photographer pops up to snap a shot of Tasha and her children. Tasha gets upset and breaks the camera.
  • We find out that the mystery inmate is named Tony. While his wife visits, she tells him she is really sick and needs expensive treatment. Tony promises to get her the money somehow.
  • As the FBI raid club Truth, Sandoval plants a gun in Jamie’s office there. One of the agents later finds the gun during the raid. The weapon further implicates Jamie in the murder.
  • Tommy visits Lakeisha to let her know that he still needs her help with the money. They end up sleeping with one another.
  • Tony’s Lawyer gives him information on James St. Patrick and Tommy Egan. Tony asks where Tommy grew up and Tony seems surprised when he says that Tommy is from Queens.
  • Proctor tells Jamie that they found the gun and that the case may end up bringing down both him and Tommy. Proctor suggests thinking about flipping on Tommy. Jamie is reluctant.
  • A fed is seen placing a tracker on Tommy’s car, unaware that he is lending the car to his mother.
  • John announces that the death penalty has been approved for the case, meaning that Jamie will get the needle if found guilty.
  • The show ends after Jamie calls Tommy and asks him to look after his family.

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