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Tonight’s episode of Power was intense, and many things happened that could have a strong impact on the plot moving forward. As usual, we are here to discuss the episode and where the season is going. Be sure to check out either the video (above) or the audio (below). If you just want to get a quick recap on what happened this episode then you can take a look at the list below.

Beware of spoilers if you’ve still yet to watch this episode!

What happened on Power S04 E04?

  • Jamie tells Proctor to try and get Tommy to confirm Tony’s involvement in the murder of Sallette.
  • Angela tells Tasha that they offered Jamie a deal that would secure her and the children. She puts the option of testifying in her head.
  • Tasha later visits Jamie and tells him not to make anymore decisions without her.
  • In court, Proctor calls federal agent Donovan to the stand and questions him about the gun found in Jamie’s office. Proctor then claims that Donovan was exposed by Greg as the mole and murdered him and then tried to frame Jamie. Donovan is irate at the accusations.
  • Tommy drops off Tony’s money to his house where a henchman is waiting. Tony asks the henchman about his criminal resume and asks about the Salette murder. He gets a reaction but the conversation is interrupted by Tony’s wife. Later on, the henchmen calls Tony and says “It’s him.”
  • Proctor calls Greg’s friend Bailey and tries to get his help on the case. Bailey tells Proctor that he has evidence that may clear Greg, but it would incriminate Tommy Egan. He suggests getting Jamie to flip on Tommy. Proctor asks to meet later. Proctor warns Tommy that Bailey has evidence on him and Tommy insists on being nearby when Proctor meets Bailey.
  • Bailey plays the recording to Proctor that incriminates Tommy Egan for murdering Ruiz. In the recording Tommy also alludes to killing Lobos. Tommy swarms in from nowhere and murders Bailey in front of Proctor.
  • Later on, the Prosecution makes a case to the judge about Proctors conflict of interest with representing both Jamie St. Patrick and Tommy Egan. The judge removes Proctor from the case, leaving only Terry Silver to represent Jamie. The judge also announces that the gun has been denied in the case.
  • A drunk Proctor visits Angela later to plead with her and make her see reason. He tells her that if the gun wasn’t Jamie’s then it belonged to someone. Angela demands that he leaves.
  • Angela looks up a surveillance of Jamie’s office at Truth from the day of the murder. She sees that Sandoval was the last one to review the footage. She realizes that Jamie went nowhere near where the gun was found that day and is shocked.

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