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Tonight the world witnessed an action packed episode of Power. This was an episode that will restructure things moving forward; it was the perfect mid-way episode for the season and it will be interesting to see where the story goes moving forward. Be sure to check out either the video (above) or the audio (below). If you just want to get a quick recap on what happened this episode then you can take a look at the list below.

Beware of spoilers if you’ve still yet to watch this episode!

What happened on Power S04 E05?

  • Angela tells her sister Paz that she thinks Jamie is innocent
  • The prosecution wants to use money that was loaned to Jamie from Tommy as means to open a rico case
  • Tony Taresi tells Marshall Williams that Jamie and his lawyer may have had him transferred
  • Former Truth owner Stern visits Jamie and offers to help him financially but Jamie declines
  • Angela meets with Jamie and Terry Silver. She asks Jamie how his finger prints got on Greg’s window. Jamie tells her that Greg mentioned some evidence he had on Angela being the mole, so he went to look for it. Jamie then tells Angela that she came into the apartment while he was there and even tells her what she said when she came in. She has no choice but to believe him.
  • Angela tells Jamie and Terry what the prosecution is going to bring up during the assets hearing
  • Jamie testifies in the hearing, stating that the money was given to him to pay for security at the club
  • During recess, Stern approaches Tasha at the court and offers Tasha his financial help
  • Dre sets up an underground club and shows it to Tommy. Tommy is impressed.
  • Sandoval questions Jamie on the stand and implies that Jamie took the money as payment for Greg’s murder. Jamie loses his temper under the pressure and yells that he didn’t kill Greg
  • Later, Marshall Williams approaches Jamie at the prison gym. He taunts Jamie by bringing up his wife and kids; Jamie loses his temper and hits Williams. The two men fight and Williams starts beating Jamie with his nightstick. Jamie grabs a dumbbell and knocks Williams over the head with it. He repeatedly bashes Williams in the head with the weight, murdering him in cold blood.
  • Tony and Biscuit enter the gym. Biscuit attempts to stab Jamie but then Tony chokes Biscuit out from behind, killing him. Tony helps Jamie to make it seem as though Biscuit killed Williams and then hung himself.
  • Tasha confronts Tommy about sleeping with Lakesha. She asks why Tommy never tried to get back with Holly; this leads to Tommy confessing about Holly’s murder.
  • Terry Silver calls Angela to the court as a witness. The prosecution tries to object but they are overruled by the judge. Angela talks about the surveillance tape that shows Jamie never going near the bar where the murder weapon was found. She mentions that she told Sandoval about this and he said it wasn’t worth acknowledging. She also mentions that John has been dismissive of her concerns.
  • John throws Angela under the bus by bringing up her relationship with Jamie and the fact that Jamie stole evidence from her apartment.
  • The judge gets mad at the incompetence of the prosecution team and dismisses Jamie of all charges. He then proceeds to suspend the prosecution team.
  • Back at the club, Dre invites Kanan to give him the last of his money. He then tells Kanan that he can help him get back what is rightly his, referring to the drug trade. Julio enters the club and sees Dre talking with Kanan through the window.
  • Tasha thanks Terry for saving the family and getting Jamie out of prison. After Terry leaves, Tasha calls Stern.
  • Tommy gets a new car and phone for a mandatory trip to Chicago where he needs to handle some business.
  • Taresi gives Jamie a phone and asks him to pass it on to Tommy when he gets out. He threatens to rat out Jamie for the murder of Marshall Williams if he doesn’t do what he says.
  • Kanan goes back to his apartment looking for Tariq. He finds Jukebox there and she tells him that Tariq is out cold. She tells him that Jamie is getting out and that they need to continue with the kidnapping of Tariq to get money from Jamie and then kill him. Kanan smirks and asks her what she needs him to do.

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