The Co-op Podcast 42: Does Playstation Plus Really Offer Gamers Value?

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Welcome to our first Co-op of 2013. We hope all our listeners had a fun gamer filled holiday, and a happy new year. On this episode Anthony Frasier and Jennie Bharaj join the regular cast to give their predictions on what 2013 may hold. We speak on which games we believe will shine, and which ones may not do as well as intended. Around the halfway mark we get into a debate regarding the true value of Playstation Plus. Does it really offer value? How could Sony utilize Playstation Plus moving forward to add value to the PS4? Share your thoughts with us.

We also discuss the NFC technology which Sony secured for possible use in their next console, the likelihood of Steambox becoming a revolutionary platform, and what other consoles can do to fit in.

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