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The Co-op Episode 41: The Best Video Games of 2012

Last week our five editors posted their top 5 video games of the year, so on this special episode of The Co-op we discussed all the games on our lists and why we felt they were worthy of being remembered when looking back at 2012. Some of the video games discussed include Mass Effect 3, Borderlands 2, Max Payne 3, Final Fantasy XIII-2 and more.

This is also a very special episode of The Co-op because it’s the first time we’ve managed to have editor Carl Daniel take part in the show. He undeniably had the most diverse top 5 video game list last week, so it was only right that he decided to hop on the show to clarify why each video game deserved its spot on his list. We want to try and get Carl on The Co-op podcast more often, so be sure to hit him up on Twitter and demand that be become a regular member of the Co-op. Unfortunately we weren’t able to get David Jagneaux online to speak on his list, but we still included the games on his list as part of our discussion.

What were your top 5 games this year? Let us know by leaving your comments or hitting us up on The Co-op email

A week from now on Christmas Day we will be releasing Doritos & MTN Dew, our official EP. If you haven’t heard our first singles Out of Order and C.O.D(Call of Duty) then definitely check them out and look out for updates on our next single dropping this week.

On behalf of the whole team at The Koalition I want to wish everybody happy holidays. Look out for the next episode of The Co-op in 2013. We promise to provide our loyal readers with tons of valuable content next year, that you’ll only get from us. We have some interesting ideas in the works, so stay tuned.


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