The Co-op Podcast 55: Are Season Passes for DLC Worth It?

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This week on The co-op we had a full panel, with myself, Edward Velasquez, Richard Bailey, Carl Daniel, Jakejames Lugo and Thomas Skidmore. July is notorious for being a pretty dry news month, but with this in mind we managed to have some intellectual discussions on a number of topics. One of those discussions was regarding season passes, which many developers have been using to get gamers to subscribe to their DLC content. Although we’re all very excited for the Bioshock Burial At Sea DLC, some of us feel like it wasn’t worth paying for a season pass immediately following the game’s release due to the fact we were so in the dark. Let us know how you feel about season passes.

We also touched on the fact that Call of Duty: Ghosts is now confirmed for the Wii U. Will this announcement help boost its low sales? Fez 2 was officially cancelled by Phil Fish and the Polytron team, but how do we feel about it? Carl Daniel also gave us a preview of his review of the Ouya console, look out for his full review soon.

Finally we held a segment specifically aimed at addressing some of the recent next-gen headlines; including the news that Sony’s party chat system will not require you to be a Playstation Plus subscriber, and that the friends list will be expanded to 2000. On the Microsoft side of things we discuss their decision to allow self-publishing on the platform. Edward Velasquez then get’s extremely excited over some of the recently revealed TV multitasking features.

All of this and more on episode 55 of The Co-op podcast. Be sure to leave your feedback below, and follow us if you enjoyed the episode.

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