The Quarterly Report: April – June 2016 Gaming Review

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Welcome to our Quarterly Report, covering video game releases in Q2 2016. In this show we go around the panel and get their personal best and worst video game releases from the past three months.

Q2 had a few notable AAA releases, such as Uncharted 4, DOOM, Dark Souls III and Overwatch; as well as some awesome lower tier and indie titles. We all found it a lot easier forming our lists this time around, but this isn’t just about us. Be sure to let us know your best and worst games of the past three months in the comments below.

The Quarterly Report Format

– Give 3 games that impressed you from the second quarter of 2016 (April – June)
– Give one disappointment from the second quarter
– Give one game you’re looking forward to in the third quarter of 2016 (July – September) | Use this as a guide
– Give one game you feel will be a disappointment in the third quarter

Special Thanks: M. Collins, Gority

Don’t forget to let us know your E3 predictions in the comments!

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