Throwdown Ep. 19 – “Windows into the Future/Hollow Promises”

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Welcome to another episode of Throwdown. On this podcast/vidcast we discuss the latest video game, pop culture, and tech news in an honest and uncompromising fashion.

Our main topic this week is about the biggest gaming/tech news story: Microsoft’s Windows 10 event. A lot of new things were unveiled such as Windows 10, the Xbox App, and of course, HoloLense. This last one is a bit contentious since Brett sees VR as the wave of the future while Emilio and myself see it as another fad that’s destined to fail. We break down all of the things we liked and all of the things we’re skeptical of.

We have the return of Rachael Murdock who is nice and fired up over recent developments within the #GamerGate community. One of the more prominent members of the group, Lizzyf620, recently had an editorial about the movement taken down from Buzzfeed under “mysterious” circumstances. Now she’s been forced to effectively go into hiding because she was doxxed by her opponents. Rachael also gives us a status report on her fight with breast cancer.

We end things off with the Marvel Comics Universe. Earlier this week, The House of Ideas revealed that their upcoming Secret Wars cross-over event would merge the Marvel and Ultimate Universes into one, effectively ending the original Universe which started in 1961. This is obviously big news and we go into detail about what we think will happen and why we think Marvel is making such a monumental move.

This week’s Throwdown features: Tony Polanco (host), Emilio LopezBrian MunjomaRachael MurdockBrett Murdock and Chris Sealy.


Thanks as always to Shawn Daley for our awesome intro and outro music.

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