Throwdown Ep. 61 – Blacklisted

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Welcome to another episode of Throwdown. On this podcast/vidcast we discuss the latest video game, pop culture, and tech news in an honest and uncompromising fashion.

Tonight’s featured topic is about how Bethesda has blacklisted Kotaku and how Ubisoft has ostracized them. The two publishers have taken these actions due to Kotaku leaking stories on Fallout 4 and Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. Who is in the wrong here: game journalists who leak information they’re not supposed to, or publishers who create these sort of situations by withholding information?

Other topics discussed:

  • Rooster Teeth makes fun of Gerstman for giving Fallout 4 a low score
  • Forza 6 has microtransactions despite devs saying the game would never have them
  • Sony confirms PS2 to PS4 emulation
  • EA explains why they won’t release games on Wii U and the NX
  • Valkyria Chronicles returns with an HD remaster and sequel


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Thanks as always to Shawn Daley for our awesome intro and outro music.

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