Borderlands: The Secret Armory of General Knoxx Review

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The best DLC you can purchase, in my opinion, is DLC for an RPG game. Developers go way beyond just giving you an item or a new set of mission. They expand the single player experience by hours with new areas, guns, enemies, and much more. That is exactly what Gearbox did for Borderlands with the new DLC, The Secret Armory of General Knoxx. This is the the largest DLC for Borderlands to date, but is it worth the money and the time to revisit Pandora?

The main location in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx is the small town called, T-Bone junction, which has really long highways going through it. Those highways will serve as your route for the DLC. There’s only one teleporter in the entire DLC, so you’ll have to drive through these long roads to get to your destination. Exiting the game and reloading it will get you there faster. Although that sucks, Gearbox has added three new vehicles to get through these long stretches of concrete. One vehicle serves as a monster truck with lock on rockets, the Lancer will seat all four players, and the Racer is fast as hell. There are new enemies for you to mow down, some of which contain that level of humor Borderlands is known for; example, a midget in wrestling attire. New loot is also included, I’ve noticed a few really good shields but as for the guns, there were just so many to begin with that I can’t even tell if the gun is new or not. But you’ll definitely be getting higher damage inducing weapons and a chance to level up your character to level 61, that will take you a while.

The storyline in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx is not really that engaging, the characters on the other hand are. Throughout the main quest line you’ll encounter new characters like Athena, who disguises recordings to you with a penis enlargement ad. That’s Borderlands for you. Other great characters include Shank, who is a suspiciously gay character, and good ole’ Scooter. Getting through the main quest took me about five hours but that was because I would dose off to different places. Even then, there’s plenty more side quest to do and more to explore.

This is not only the largest piece of DLC for Borderlands, it’s also the best. There’s plenty of content in this $10 dollar priced DLC, that will ensure you have a fun time getting back to Borderlands. If you have the game already then buy this right now.

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