Skylanders Superchargers Mobile Review – Sharing May be Caring but it’s Time to Get Your Own

Skylanders Superchargers on the go.

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There’s nothing like loading up a brand new game. You’ve waited for its release, you cleared your schedule for this day. You are ready. Then you find out, you’re the only one who is going to be able to play that game. This is the sad fact that some people face: The joys of playing a game but not being able to have friends to play with because they don’t have the same console as you.

However, Activision wants to change all that with Skylanders Superchargers Mobile. Breaking the mold once again (this is the company that ushered in the “toy-to-life” craze), Mobile is the same Superchargers game released on September 20th (check out my review) it’s just now playable for Apple TV, iOS and Android. However, what makes the mobile version truly special is the players’ ability to seamlessly switch between playing on consoles to mobile without any interruptions. In addition, friends who have a mobile device can join in on the action with their friends on console or Apple TV and vice versa; meaning no one has to be left out of the Superchargers experience.


The Starter Pack includes the Portal of Power (which connects to iOS devices over Bluetooth and WiFi), one custom controller with built-in stand, two character toys, and one vehicle. However, the game can also be played without the starter pack or physical toys, switching in-app purchases for purchasing of the physical toys in case you want that toy immediately or just don’t feel like carrying around an array of toys.

The beauty of this version is how the iOS platform, especially Apple TV, is used. While mobile platforms aren’t meant for local co-op, being able to play the game on the television while one is using their mobile device is a breath of fresh air. Using the Apple TV Siri Remote allows for other players to tag along. They can help shoot various weapons while in a vehicle as another player handles the driving by using touch controls (on mobile) or the Skylanders controller that comes with the starter pack. Thanks to Apple’s GameCenter, there’s four-player racing and two-player co-op. For those worried about their progress being lost on any of the devices, games are saved via the iCloud automatically.


The gameplay and graphics are exactly the same as the console versions which also means you’ll have the same issues. However, one of the downsides of mobile, especially using Apple TV, is how you move in the game. Since this version is for mobile and Apple TV, the controls are vastly different. As a result, until you master the controls, it makes for a rather clunky and frustrating experience.

Unless you’re playing on the big screen, many of the side missions are hard to accurately see, especially during the levels where the camera is set far away. The inability to adjust the camera makes for even worse gameplay. However, the game truly shines during the racing portions. Since each player will have their own device, the screen isn’t split up, allowing for less distractions and enhanced concentration. Everyone’s eyes will be locked on their own device.


Overall, Superchargers Mobile is a great addition to the franchise. It’s inclusive without losing any of its charm and the transportability is refreshing and much needed when you’re on the go. At the end of the day Superchargers Mobile does what it knows best: creating a world of constant fun no matter where.

This review of Skylanders Superchargers Mobile is based on a digital copy for iOS which was provided by Activision.

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