10 Movie-Inspired GTA V Snapmatic Pictures

You Stay Classy San Andreas

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The Academy Awards will hold their 87th awards ceremony later today. To mark the occasion we have compiled 10 movie-inspired GTA V Snapmatic pictures.

In the past, we have compiled a collection of the most impressive and the most outrageous photos taken by the millions of GTA V players. There were so many outrageous photos, we had to make a 2nd compilation!

These pictures have been taken by the Grand Theft Auto Online community using the in-game Instagram parody app “Snapmatic”. The images are featured on Rockstar‘s Social Club website. All the photos are parodies or recreations of famous and classic movies produced by “Vinewood”.

All 10 of the photos are selected based on their effort, cleverness and creativity.

10 – BR4ND0NJ – Pacific Ocean

Jason Voorhees returns to Crystal Lake.

9 – xSmokeDxX – Ganja Hit Squad

Sonny Corleone meets his makers.

8 – T_M4ch1n3 – Joad Ln

Harry and Lloyd in Blaine County - there's a scary thought!

7 – pixelpuss1 – La Mesa

A Clockwork Orange San Andreas Style.

6 – lulaman300 – Bruce Wayne

lulaman300 put in the effort to pay tribute to Batman.

5 – Bjodjus_LXG – Reservoir Dogs

4 – thekosmicfool – Welcome…to Jurassic Park

Alan Grant makes an appearance in GTA V.

3 – DuPz0r – Anchorman

You Stay Classy San Andreas

2 – Nikacoma – Гора Гордо

Nikacoma enlisted the easter egg ghost to pay homage to the Ghostbusters.

1 – TAXAL3X – Kill Bill – The Bride vs The Crazy 88

TAXAL3X took inspiration from Tarantino's classic.

Do you have any photos that pay homage to a famous flick? Have you seen any other pictures that should have made our list? Be sure to post them in the comments section below!

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