An Aged M. Bison Undergoes a Wardrobe and Fighting Makeover in Street Fighter V

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Capcom’s latest Street Fighter V gameplay trailer is showcasing M. Bison in all his aging glory.

The M. Bison we all know love has aged into an older grey-haired fighting machine and discovered the power of the trench coat whilst realizing all the harm capes can cause (The Incredibles, anyone?).

With age comes experience and Bison has been working on his training skills for he has learned some new tricks.

In the trailer, Bison is showcasing the Psycho Power-imbued shockwave type attack which launches his opponent, Charlie, off the ground. Then there’s a powerful grab ability that allows Bison to stop incoming projectiles and fire them back at opponents.

Oh yeah, be jealous.

It also appears that his teleporting game has been stepped up. He requires less recovery time and he can catch opponents in the air…like a boss.

Street Fighter V will release for PlayStation 4 and PC and will feature cross-platform play between those systems.

A public beta plan is in the works as Capcom claim it will be the “largest and most ambitious online beta program in franchise history.”

Source: IGN

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