Bayonetta 2’s Special Easter Egg Pays Homage to Nintendo Classic


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Here is a video of Bayonetta 2’s newest easter egg, but I warn you, this is a SPOILER ALERT! If you don’t want to know, don’t watch the video! But I will give you hint on what it could be just so you know, ready?!

It’s a Star Fox costume and a new feature!

Yes, some have already anticipated a Star Fox costume for Bayonetta 2, but now it is confirmed. YouTuber Maximilian Dood has made a video that shows the costume as well as another, greater, feature that is Star Fox related. So sit back and enjoy this new easter egg from Bayonetta 2!

Bayonetta 2 has already been released in Japan for the Wii U and will release in the US and Europe on Oct. 24th!

Don’t miss out!

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