A Behemoth is Revealed in Latest Evolve Trailer

This Indiana Jones-esque trailer introduces a new monster.

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The monster filled Evolve got itself a brand new trailer today. In it, we see the reveal of a brand new creature called the Behemoth.

This video begins with one of the characters exploring a dark cave when suddenly, a giant boulder comes rushing at him. This alone makes it feel like Raiders of the Lost Ark but the video drives that point further when the protagonist drops his hat and has to go retrieve it before he’s crushed to death. The trailer ends with the “boulder” turning out to be a big Behemoth.

Evolve will be an online only game that will have four characters trying to capture a monster. Not only are the characters controlled by players, but so is the monster. Both sides must outwit their opponent(s) if they want to survive.

Evolve will be available for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on February 10.

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