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BET Cypher 2014 | Digital All Stars

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Emilio Rojas, Dreezy, Conceited, Retro Jace, Dillon Cooper and Andy Mineo collectively supply one of the better entries for BET Cypher 2014. Rojas has been hovering in limbo within Hip Hop, never leaping into infamy but not quite falling off either. Dillon Cooper is quite new and seems to have a bright future ahead.

Conceited certainly has spit better verses and, with all the other battle rappers getting some shine, he disappoints in the limelight. Even amidst a bit of nerves, Dreezy delivers and adds another name to the list of dope Chicago emcees. Mineo rounds out the set in solid form, bringing the heat with a PG rated verse.

MVP: Dreezy

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