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BET Cypher 2014 | Murda Mook Takes The Crown

Mook aims to put Drake back in a wheelchair. Lol.

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Arsonal, Couture, Calicoe and Murda Mook spit bars live on stage in what was a clever twist to the usual formula for BET Cypher 2014. It’s one thing to have multiple opportunities to get your delivery and performance right for the isolated cyphers. It’s another thing entirely to perform in front of huge audience fully prepared.

The Hip Hop Awards were made well aware of rap battlers, performers well in tune with live performance, with impressive verses from everyone except Calicoe and Murda Mook took the hip hop world by storm with an incredible performance in addition to him taking shots at Drake. Multiple, potent shots too. I’m sure many are waiting to see if a response will be made. Count me as one of many.

MVP: Murda Mook

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