The Co-op Podcast 63: Next-Gen Focus Part 1 – PS4 Impressions

Next-Gen Focus Part 1 - PS4

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Since next-gen is now here, we decided it was time to take The Co-op podcast to the next level and make it a video show as well as the usual audio podcast. Now you’ll have the choice of being a viewer or a listener. Be sure to follow us on Twitter to know when we’re broadcasting live. This episode is the first of a two part episode focused on ushering in the next-gen.

Edward Velazquez and Richard Bailey Jr. now both on the Playstation 4. So our special discussion this week is all about their experiences with the console so far. Richard Bailey Jr. even recalls his entertaining experience of picking the console up from the store.

We then speak on some of the latest next-gen related news topics. Like the announcement of Uncharted, and the delay of Twitch TV on the Xbox One.

Are you the proud owner of a PS4? Will you be getting an Xbox One this Friday? If so then be sure to let us know your next-gen experiences below or on Twitter.

This week’s music was provided by DMV artist Lyriciss. The song is called Successful and it’s from his album The Practice, available on Bandcamp.

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