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Throwback Thursday: Jeru The Damaja (1994 – 2003)

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Brooklyn MC Jeru The Damaja is this week’s featured artist for our Throwback Thursday feature.

We are going to look back on five tracks from his discography.

The first track is titled “Da Bichez“. This was from Jeru The Damaja’s debut album, released in 1994, titled “The Sun Rises In The East“. The entire album was produced by DJ Premier.

The second track of our selection is “99.9%“. This was featured on Jeru The Damaja’s 1999 album “Heroz4Hire“. This album was entirely produced by Jeru himself.

Track three is “Come Clean“. This song is from Jeru The Damaja’s debut album and again was produced by DJ Premier. The hook contains a sample from Onyx.

True Skillz” is the fourth track in our selection. This track is from Jeru’s 2003 album “Divine Design” and was produced by Sabor.

The last song from our selected five is “Too Perverted“. This track was featured on Jeru’s sophomore album “Wrath Of The Math“. Just like his debut album, DJ Premier produced the entirety of “Wrath Of The Math“.

Jeru The Damaja’s work is available on Amazon.

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