The Co-op Podcast #88: Is the Kinect-less Xbox One a Bad Business Decision?

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Microsoft has revealed that you’ll be able to purchase the Kinect device separately for $150 come this October. This means that if you own a Kinect free Xbox One and wish to purchase a Kinect later on, you’ll actually be spending more money than if you just brought the Xbox One and Kinect in the first place.

To an extent this is understandable, but the uneducated consumers may fall into the trap of spending more money than they need to in the long run. So with this in mind, was the idea to remove Kinect a bad idea to begin with? Should Microsoft have issued a price drop on the original Xbox One with Kinect package and taken a hit on profits for a while? Many of us believe that Microsoft should have stuck to their guns and supported the Xbox One with Kinect, but what do you think?


Other topics discussed this week:

Assassin’s Creed: Unity delayed to November. What’s up with all these delays? Grand Theft Auto V next-gen is also rumoured to be delayed till next year.
Dragon Age: Inquisition gets a co-op multi-player mode, aimed at raiding dungeons and collecting loot.
– Pokken Tournament announced for Japan arcade.
– Ninja Theory not doing DMC 2, so Capcom will continue with Devil May Cry 5
– Amazon acquires Twitch TV for $970m
– Miyamoto goes in on casual gamers? The quote may have been mis-translated, but what did he mean?
PSN suffered from a DDoS attack. Attackers claimed that Sony weren’t spending money wisely, suggesting customer information is vulnerable on the service.

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This week’s panel: Gary Swaby (Host), Charles Singletary, Michael A. Austin B. Conway, Joe Hova


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