The Co-op Podcast #90: Will Destiny’s Hype Last?

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This week is an important week for gamers, because one of the most hyped new IP’s has hit shelves. Destiny is with us, and while many of us are impressed with Bungie’s FPS/MMO hybrid shooter, some people also have concerns about its longevity.

It’s clear that Destiny is a game to be played with friends and other people in general, but what will happen when those friends move on to different games? Will people be willing to comeback when the game gets an expansion? We discuss it all in our Destiny discussion.


Other topics discussed this week:

– Xbox One sold 25,674 units in Japan. Are we surprised? What did we expect?
– Microsoft are in talks to buy Mojang, The company behind Minecraft. Is this a good move? Should they have maybe done this sooner?
– Half of all PC gamers wait for a game to go on sale before buying says a report — Is it a bad thing that most people who turn to PC gaming only want deals? Does this cripple the publishers and developers who need to make bank to function?

This week’s panel: Gary Swaby (host), Richard Bailey Jr. Charles Singletary Jr. Michael A. Austin Conway


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