The Co-op Podcast #96: Should The Game “Hatred” Be Allowed to Exist?

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Polish developer Destructive Creations has developed a game about civilian massacre. The aim is to just kill everybody, for no reason at all than to fulfill the blood lust of the main character. This is exactly the kind of game that the media likes to target and blame for programming society. So with that in mind, should Hatred be allowed to exist in the gaming industry when it’s already so judged? We discuss Hatred on this Week’s Co-op.


Titanfall is getting a new four player co-op mode, but is it too little too late for this game? Should Respawn be focusing their efforts on Titanfall 2? Some of the guys on the show didn’t even want a Titanfall 2, listen to find out why.

Other topics:

– A leaked achievement list for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas suggests we may see the game hit Xbox 360 & Xbox One. It’s the 10 year anniversary so it makes sense. Are we excited at possibly playing this game again?

Camp Pokemon has hit iOS. It’s not a Pokemon RPG but does it bring hope that we may someday see a line of Pokemon games coming to mobile?

Jade Raymond leaves Ubisoft. What’s next for her and will her departure be felt?

– Still no concrete information on Driveclub PS Plus edition. Have they dropped the ball?


This week’s panel: Gary Swaby (host), Richard Bailey Jr, Charles Singletary Jr. Michael A. Edward Mason, Edward Velazquez (cameo appearance)


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