D.Va in Shooting Star cinematic

D.Va Takes On the Omnics in Blizzard’s latest Overwatch cinematic

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Announced at Overwatch’s Korea Fan Festival and released during Gamescom, Blizzard finally released their newest Overwatch cinematic. The cinematic, named Shooting Star, is based on our favorite mech pilot D.Va.

In the cinematic we see news reports highlighting D.Va’s latest victory in the ongoing Omnic war. They make mention of her team named MEKA, and they show images from her days as a champion esport player. When the camera pans away from the screen, we see D.Va working on her mech while her companion tries to convince her that she needs a break.

Before long, their radar picks up an incoming air assault from Omnic forced and D.Va jumps into her beloved Meka to save the city again. As with many of these animated shorts, we get to see D.Va utilize her kit from the game, including her Defense Matrix, her Light Gun and her Self-Destruct.

By the end of the animated short, we see D.Va finally taking some much needed rest. Because only D.Va would consider repairing her mech a moment of peace.

My only critique of this cinematic is that we didn’t get a satisfying use of her in-game phrase “Nerf This”. Some would argue that her personality is much more toned down than it is in the game. Let us know your thoughts below.

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