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Distance – A New Kind of Survival Racing Game

Seattle based indie studio, Refract, has announced the debut of their new title, Distance. A survival racing game that somewhat reminds me of Wipeout, but better and more exhilarating.


Refract Studios is going to be at the Playstation Experience event showcasing their unique title for attendees in Las Vegas. Distance is sure to give players a wild and crazy experience of non stop obstacles with an eccentric environment all around as you race from point A to point B. Players race in a car capable of executing jumps, boosts, flying and crazy rotating,  while riding on walls either upside down or sideways.

The multiplayer option in Distance will take racing to new heights:

In Sprint mode, not only do you need to be the fastest, but you all have to try to keep you car from overheating by landing barrel rolls and backflips, this will help keep your engine at a cool temperature.

In Reverse Tag mode, you want to hold the title of being “It” for as long as possible, only then will you be able to be claimed winner. Avoid others by riding the walls or doing some tricks and stunts, and don’t forget about the power boost.

In Adventure mode, racers are immersed in the story to uncover the secrets of the past, it is here where players can acquire the cars abilities in order to survive the dangerous, never-ending environment of the world you’re in.

Here are some more features from Distance, some may have already been addressed above:

  • Intense arcade-style racing action, taking place in an atmospheric world
  • Your vehicle has the ability to boost, jump, rotate any way you like, and even fly, which leads to an endless number of racing possibilities
  • Full-tilt multiplayer with LAN and Online play. Includes several modes, such as Classic Race, Tag, Capture The Flag, Stunt mode, Exploration mode, and many others
  • The world has a backstory of its own, so exploration to discover the city’s history is highly encouraged. The team is taking their experiences from creating atmospheric games like Solace and Solstice, and injecting those undertones into Distance
  • Dynamic soundtrack composed by Jordan ‘TORCHT’ Hemenway, the musician behind many experimental music-driven games like Solace, Solstice, and Nitronic Rush
  • Powerful but user-friendly level editor and modding tools, where you can create levels from inside the game and share them with players around the world

Refract will have an early release at Steam on Dec. 9th, 2014 for PC, Linux and Mac. Again, Refract Studios will be showcasing Distance at The PlayStation Experience, with a PS4 release in 2015!

Source: PlayStation.Blog, Refract Studios

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