Games for Summer: Destruction and Disfigurement with Deadpool

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Since summer sees fewer game releases, it is a great time to revisit titles from our backlog, or even try out new titles we may have missed initially. These are the Games for Summer.

Why Deadpool?

DeadPool was originally released June 2013. However, at the start of 2014 DeadPool, X-Men: Destiny and Spider-man: Shattered Dimensions were removed from Steam, Xbox Live and PSN due to an expired contract between Marvel and Activision.

But now its been brought back to Steam on the PC. So if you haven’t already played the game it’s the perfect time to get back into it.

What makes it worth playing?

If you’re expecting anything similar to Rocksteady’s Arkham series, then lower your expectations now. In terms of gameplay, DeadPool is a simple combo slasher. You can use DeadPool‘s guns with the right trigger, and using the X and Y buttons allow you to form combos. You can use skill points earned in combat to unlock new weapons and abilities.

This game is all about the entertainment factor. It’s not meant to blow you away from a technical standpoint. It’s just a fan service for the DeadPool character. The self-aware mutant mercenary is main attraction here. His witty one-liners and ability to break the fourth wall is what makes the game hard to put down.


What makes this game work despite its repetitiveness is DeadPool’s ability to poke fun at the video game. DeadPool will often address and even make fun of the player, which adds a unique relationship between gamer and protagonist. There are also a number of cameos throughout the game, including Wolverine and Cable.

To many, DeadPool will feel dated in 2015. But for me this is the perfect experience for the summer drought, especially with the movie on the horizon. The game isn’t that long, it will take around 7 hours to beat the main story, so you can run through it in a couple days before moving onto the next game in your backlog. The fact that it’s so short is a good thing because after a while the humor may become tiring.

You can get Deadpool on steam now for £29 or $39, which is pretty expensive considering it’s a two year old game. But hey, real Deadpool fans won’t complain, especially because the game wasn’t even available on PC for a while.

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