Kazumi Mishima is the Latest Fighter to Join Tekken 7 but She’s Not Your Ordinary Grandma

Being a grandma with a pet tiger has never looked so bad-ass.

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Say hello to, Kazumi Mishima, the wife of Heihachi, mother of Kazuya, and Jin Kazama’s dear ol’ grandmother. Clearly she knows the power of Botox and yoga.

Instead of life in a rocking chair, playing bridge and baking cookies, she has a slightly different hobby: kicking ass and taking names.

Coming to Tekken 7 on June 2nd, Kazumi has the ability to call upon a tiger when she finds herself in a funky jam or during a family squabble; in this case, with Heihachi.

As seen in the trailer, she goes into full Rage Art, a super move similar to an Ultra Combo in Ultra Street Fighter IV (minus the glitching). When she’s a boss character, she transforms into an alternate devil version. However, it’s not clear if players will be given the ability to use her devil form.

While Tekken 7 appears to be an arcade-only release in Japan, there’s a possibility of it coming to North America for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One soon. All questions will hopefully be answered during E3.

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