Legendary Castlevania Creator Plays Symphony of the Night

Koji Igarashi gives us a lot of insight into the classic game.

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Koji Igarashi is a true visionary in the gaming industry. After all, he gave us Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, which is regarded as one of the all-time classic titles in the industry.

It is that very game which is the spotlight in this latest Devs Play video from Double Fine. Igarashi, along with Anna Kipnis, who is the senior gameplay programmer at Double Fine, and Ben Judd, a video game agent for DDM who serves as a translator. We see him playing SotN with Kipnis while giving some insight into the game.

Like Hideo Kojima, Igarashi left Konami. He has heavily implied that he wishes to create a game that fans of his will enjoy. It is believed that he will make a spiritual successor of sorts to Castlevania. Considering how Konami has tarnished that series with the recent Lords of Shadows games, this is definitely a good thing for fans of the franchise if that is indeed what Igarashi plans to do.

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