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Chance The Rapper performs live at Lollapalooza

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This past weekend, Chance closed out the huge Lollapalooza audience of nearly 60,000 people. Chicago was treated to an incredible set and Chance certainly did his city proud. The entire set is a journey into the heart of arguably Chicago’s best artist in the game right now and all of us that missed the event can finally experience it.

Opening with the feel good Everybody’s Somebody, Chance comes out of the gate with incredible energy. From tossing out Caprisuns during his “Juice” performance to appearances from Vic Mensa (“Cocoa Butter Kisses” is an amazing track live or otherwise) and R Kelly (Ignition Remix ftw) to simply the sheer emotion from Chance, he puts on a fantastic show. You could tell he’s truly thankful to be where he is right now and loves every minute of it. To all the fans, watch and enjoy. To newcomers, check out one of Chi town’s Hip Hop’s best.

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