Monster Hunter X is Coming to Japan for the 3DS This Winter, Screenshots Released

Monster Hunt X will discover the power of four with four styles, four monsters, and four villages.

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During the live stream of Nintendo Direct for Japan, Capcom announced Monster Hunt X for the 3DS.

Monster Hunter X, (the X means “Cross”) is built on the Monster Hunter 4G engine and will combine action with customizable hunting styles for each weapon.

Unlike the previous games in the franchise, each class will now have special attacks which can be activated, making for accurate precision and enhanced action. There are also four different styles of play; each which will determine what special moves can be done.

Taking place in Beruna, the base village is set in the cliffs of a massive mountain chain with four villages from the previous Monster Hunter games (1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation) making an appearance.

There will also be new areas for the new monsters both big and small to roam. This includes four flagship monsters, including an underwater one, so expect underwater battles.

Monster Hunt X will release this Winter, there was no announcement for a Western release.

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