NBA LIVE 15 — Visuals Trailer

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Tiburon x Electronic Arts has put out a Trailer for NBA LIVE 15 which give fans an exclusive look at the visual improvements for the famous basketball franchise.

Tiburon also provided some details about the gameplay. According to a list of features posted on the game’s blog, Tiburon implemented real-time physics in the paint with more than 100 new animations. The scoring has been amped up with 3x the variety of dunks, layups and signature shots as you impose your will on your opponent with physicality you can feel. They’ve also doubled down on the visuals with an all-new scanning and lightning technique for the most photo-realistic player models in franchise history. Adding into the mix player specific body types and contextual emotional responses and you will truly feel like you’re in the action. Other gameplay improvements include shot feedback, better controls for passing and defense, and new teammate AI.

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NBA LIVE 15 ▪ EA Tiburon x EA Games ▪ PS4, Xbox One
10.7.14 NA | 10.10.14 EU

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