NYCC 2015 Interview with Chad Coleman and Morgan Rosenblum: Actor Breathes Life into Treadwater

Video game, comic, graphic novel and TV show. Did we miss anything else?

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Tyreese from The Walking Dead my have reached his end but Chad L. Coleman is breathing and is taking the comic and video gaming world by storm. He is teaming up with Darkrose Studios for the Sci-Fi Transmedia franchise Treadwater.

At New York Comic Con, The Koalition had a chance to interview Coleman and creator Morgan Rosenblum about the Treadwater interactive experience.

Originally written and developed as a screenplay, Treadwater, referenced by the acronym TRDWTR (Technological Research and Development Working Toward a Resolution), is a dark and mature Sci-Fi action drama about a team of vigilantes who will do whatever it takes to maintain peace in a dystopian future.

The graphic novel series takes a savvy approach to comics, curating a variety of platforms for their audience to interact. From hard copy graphic novels and animated motion comics to video games and TV series, Treadwater creates a fully immersive world for their viewers to experience.


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