PlayStation Plus Vita Members to Receive Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

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Once the PlayStation Store updates for the final time this month on March 25th (tomorrow/today), PlayStation Plus Members that own a PlayStation Vita will be able to download a complimentary copy of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. The game is often regarded as one of the better portable Monster Hunter games, especially when it released over 4 years ago on the PSP originally. While it may not be quite as feature-filled and polished as Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on the 3DS/Wii U, it’s a fine package. The dual analog stick on the Vita will make controlling the nightmare of a camera infinitely more manageable and is the best offering for Monster Hunter junkies on Sony’s latest handheld. While alternatives in the genre exist, such as Ragnarok Odyssey and Soul Sacrifice, there is currently not an American Monster Hunter game available as a native Vita release.

Even if you don’t have time to play it right now (these games are packed full of hundreds of hours of content) you should at least redeem your access for future use as a PlayStation Plus member. Do you have any fond memories of this epic action/adventure/RPG hybrid? Let us know in the comments below!

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