5 ID@Xbox Games Previewed In New Video

A quick preview of a few indie games headed our way

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During GDC 2014, Microsoft took the opportunity to highlight 25 indie games that are currently a part of their ID@Xbox program. The video embedded above features five games that they decided to place the most emphasis on over at their Xbox Wire news website.

The games mentioned include Super Time Force, Strike Suit Zero, It Draws a Red Box, Spectra: 8bit Racing, and FRU. Below is a brief overview of each game:

Super Time Force is known primarily as a side-scrolling shooter developed by Capybara Games. The studio is also developing an adventure game titled Below which many people are already calling a timed exclusive for the Xbox One.

Strike Suit Zero is a space combat game developed by Born Ready Games.

It Draws a Red Box is a unique 8-player game created by Other Ocean and mixes sports, platforming and fighting games together.

Spectra: 8bit Racing is a procedural racing game created by Gateway Interactive and inspired by F-Zero.

FRU is a platformer created by Through Games and makes use of Kinect technology to enhance gameplay.

Hearing that all of this titles will be coming to the Xbox One later this year is very reassuring for both owners and fans of indie games alike. It will be interesting to see if Microsoft’s ID@Xbox program pays off for everyone when all is said and done.

Are any of you looking forward to playing these games on your Xbox One? Please feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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