Pokkén Tournament – Early Hands-On Shows Tons of Potential

Tekken meets Pokemon in this fantastic fighting game.

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I have not been kind to Pokkén Tournament. I was confused when the game’s concept was announced. A Tekken meets Pokemon fusion game with a few new elements…why I thought. I was shocked and disappointed when the game was revealed to be part of the Evo main-stage line up.

Here is a new, unproven fighting game that wasn’t even out at the the time of the Evo line up announcement (and won’t be for another two weeks from now) that was given main stage at one of the biggest fighting game tournaments in the world. Today, I am pleased to announce that I have a plate of crow being prepared for my consumption.


Thanks to my long time friend and YouTuber RogersBase, today I got some hands-on with Pokkén Tournament. Let me admit this now directly, I was wrong to doubt this game. It is very fun and absolutely gorgeous. There seems to be some depth to it as well as a fighting game.

The game appears to launch with more content than Street Fighter V did, though it is aimed at a different target demographic. After a while we realized we should be recording this and thus we did. These are the first two of three videos coming. I’ll post the other one when it is live to view.

Be sure to check back on The Koalition for more information on Pokkén Tournament as well as anything fighting game related. Also, be sure to check out my boy Roger’s YouTube for anything anime, manga, or fighting game (especially Pokkén and Smash Bros.) related. We will be doing more collab videos and he’s helping me step my YouTube game up since he and others encouraged me to start recording.

What are you guy’s thoughts on the game so far? Did seeing it in action have any impact on you guys? Please feel free to let me know in the comments section below.

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