Run for Cover! Godzilla Runs Rampant on PlayStation This Summer

Get ready to pay homage to the most ferocious lizard ever!

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Get ready to become one of the most infamous monsters that’s ever wrecked havoc in Japan since 1954… for you are Godzilla.

In Bandai Namco’s Godzilla, you’ll become the King of Monsters that can harness endless energy called “G-Energy,” that same energy that is used to improve the lives of mankind.

Destroying those who come between a monster and his energy, mankind is in a battle for its life but what if a group of humans called the G-Force can stop Godzilla with the same energy that he needs? What fate awaits Godzilla once he has consumed all of the G-Energy, and grown to his full potential?

Godzilla will feature multiple game modes including:

  • Mission Mode where players will wreak mayhem through more than 20 different stages
  • Diorama Mode that allows players to place Godzilla in different settings to capture photos
  • King of Monsters Mode where Godzilla must battle through the franchises most famous enemies to reach the top of the monster hierarchy and claim the throne as the true King of Monsters.

The game will also feature different versions from the 1954 version to the “Millennium” era, to 2014’s big screen version.

Godzilla will release July 1st for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

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