Sexiness Awaits With the 20th Anniversary PlayStation 4

Limited edition PlayStation 4 looks like an old-school PlayStation.

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20 years ago, the gaming gods delivered unto the world the PlayStation. This console ushered in a new era of gaming which would make this medium that we love so much into the multi-billion dollar beast that it is today. To celebrate this momentous occasion, Sony will sell a limited edition PlayStation 4 which has coloring similar to the original PlayStation.

This PlayStation 4, which is limited to 12,300 copies which commemorates the 12/3 launch date, comes with a PS4 (duh), DualShock 4 controller, PlayStation Camera, and a vertical stand. It will cost $499.

You can pre-order this bad boy starting Saturday. Further details on how to buy it will be revealed at Sony’s PlayStation Experience event in Las Vegas which just so happens to run this weekend.

In the meantime, enjoy the unboxing video above and pictures below.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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