Shadow Warrior Coming to PlayStation 4

Newly remastered for PS4!

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Hello Gamers,

PlayStation has announced today they will be bringing Shadow Warrior to the PS4! The game is still in the early stages of development and seems to be a little difficult to keep the original old-school feel without making the game seem out of date for todays technology. PlayStation is currently asking themselves three questions to help guide them for a successful transition to the PS4, of a classic game that fans love.

Those questions are:

  • What was fun about the game?
  • What was unique about the game?
  • What made people remember the game?


These are the main points that PlayStation is following in order to give the classic game a more modern feel. Some key features they think will be the games highlights are the humor, gore, action fighting sequences, level design, easter eggs and of course, the weapons! Redesigning the katana and other weapons will take the game deeper than ever before, with added special powers and customizations. The story will also be more complex than ever with four different settings that are divided into 17 chapters to complete, including the Shadow Realm, where you will fight tough bosses involved with ancient gods’.

In the PS4 version, you will be able to utilize the touch pad as added support for intuitive control in combos and special moves just by swiping your finger in one of four directions, as well as pressing down to trigger significant attacks or spells. Which is another cool feature for the game!

Shadow Warrior will run on RoadHog engine in 1080p at 60fps and will soon be released in Fall!

Are you guys excited for this remake? Let us know in the comments below!

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