Styx: Master of Shadows — ‘Assassin’s Greed’ Gameplay Trailer Released

The Globin Styx Proves He's The Master of Shadows

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Today Cyanide Studios have released the first of a series of gameplay trailers that will be releasing over the coming weeks of Styx: Master of Shadows, an infiltration game that will illustrates some of the Goblin’s skills, as he uses his stealth, weaponry, bold moves and smart use of the environment to get rid of the tower’s denizens.

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Skill is richly rewarded in Styx: Master of Shadows, with the most skilled of players able to swing organically from level to level, path to path, unseen by foes guarding the way. Armed only with his trusted dagger and very few throwing knives for dealing with “long-range” encounters, Styx relies more on his small scale and nimble athleticism to subvert those who seek to kill him. Remain aware, and use the environment to your advantage, and you’ll soon be able to dispatch the humans and elves, whilst remaining unseen.

Push people of ledges, pull them by their legs to the gallows, or leap from huge heights to slit their throats or stab them from their shoulders. Smother them silently, swing around from behind, or thrust throwing daggers into their skulls. Drop crates onto the toughest of enemies, or poison their drinking water. As violent as he is cunning, Styx’ best friend is his knife, and the shadows.

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Styx: Master of Shadows ▪ Cyanide Studios ▪ PC, PS4, Xbox One
October 2014

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