Swiff’s Rant: The Final Fantasy XIII PC Version Is a Lazy Port

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After getting a chance to try out the release of Final Fantasy XIII I was shocked at the lack of optimal options in the game, and even more shocked to learn that the game only supported a 720p resolution. Almost all PC games that want to be taken seriously will provide settings for users to adjust the game based on their hardware (the biggest exception being games from decades ago), but Final Fantasy XIII lacked any graphical or audio settings.

Final Fantasy XIII coming to PC was supposed to be a big deal, this meant more than just porting old titles like FFIII and FFVII to the PC. This was supposed to be Square Enix signifying their plan to support PC gamers in the future. But they dropped the ball by porting the game to PC with little to no effort at all. It’s made even worse because of the fact that they let a modder fix the game and add the support that they were supposed to.

I was so upset by this that I decided to bring back my Swiff’s Rant series and vent my frustration in Square Enix. I love to support this company, but it’s moves like this that show their lack of understanding for the market.

Take a look at the video and then let me know what your thoughts are on this travesty. Because this is an issue that affects PC gamers, I expect not everyone will understand or agree with the criticism on this subject, so if you disagree I’m anxious to hear from you in the comments.

See the Final Fantasy XIII resolution fix here

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