Tekken 7 — New Character Revealed; Exclusive to Europe, East Asia

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Bandai Namco unveiled a new Tekken 7 character, Lucky Chloe, during the Tekken 20th Anniversary Fan Thanksgiving event.  The twin ponytails character is themed around cats. She wears cat ear headphones, a cat tail, and cat paw sleeves/gloves.

Tekken 7 producer, Katsuhiro Harada, confirmed on Twitter that Lucky Chloe will not be available for North American players as she is planned as an exclusive character for Europe and East Asia.

Harada then stated that a different character will be available for North American players. He described the character as muscular and bald.

Tekken 7 has not yet been given a console release date, but it will hit Japanese arcades in early 2015.

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